06/08 #1

New version Mini 0806s, upgrade from Mini 0806, same housing and different motherboard, main difference as followed:

* Remove a micro SD card

* Reduce RF interference

* Improve GPS moduel to increase GPS signal

* Add AV-Out

* Add Reset Button

* Using super capacitor, not built in battery, more safer in hot weather

* Improve camera stabilization

* Low voltage protection

Compared with old version Mini 0806


22. Patent industrial design

23. Ultra MINI size

24. Display Size: 1.5 inch TFT

25. Cinema Mode 2560*1080 (21:9) 30fps

26. FullHD 1296P@30fps, 1080P@45fps, 720P@60fps

27. Support HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) for superior low light performance, 1080P@30fps HDR

28. Video Format: MOV (H.264)

29. Camera Pixel: 4 Million Pixel CMOS

30. 135 degree Viewing Angle

31. Camera rotating 160 degree for reverse mounting

32. Built-in G-sensor

33. Support HDMI and AV-out Function, connect to TV for Video and Photo viewing

34. Support Route Tracking via GPS (with GPS mount base)

35. Support 128GB Maximum TF cards recording (Not include)

36. Support Movement Detection

37. Support LDWS and FCWS

38. Seamless Link Loop Recording

39. Support Video Protection, prevent overwrite important video

40. Support Audio On/Off while Video Recording

41. Battery: 5V 2.5F super capacitor

42. Adapter: MicroUSB 5PIN Port

Mini 0806s Motherboard for reference

Capacitor VS Battery

Mini 0806s with super capacitor tech. it can't be turned on until is recharged by car charger.

Safty confficient is higher than Mini 0806.

It's working temperature -25℃~65℃

More stable in Winter or Summer.

Longer lifetime than battery version.

Mini 0806 built in 3.7V 200mAhlithium battery. It can work for few minutes constantly if it is not recharged by car charger.

Battery is easy to be aging if it's too hot in Summer for long time; and in winter, it maybe frozen.

06/08 #2

Which CMOS sensor is inside?

06/08 #3

Which CMOS sensor is inside?

from the spec listed it's probably still the OV4689

06/08 #4

Which CMOS sensor is inside?

use OV4689 CMOS sensor

06/08 #5

Looks like 0906 housing. I don't see any heat sinks on SOC - not sure how much more heat resistant it will be compared to 0806.

06/08 #6

If I could suggest... Using a small amount of paint on buttons. Makes them much easier to see at night.

I did something like this on both @Rayman.Chan Minis (0903 and 0906)