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Since I have not been able to get the police to prove that my suspect is the Zodiac yet, I cannot use his real name here, so I realize that this will not make a lot of sense.  Instead, I will have to use his pseudonym, Nick Nevarez.  Still, I think that it is important to mention that his name possibly appeared three times in the Zodiac’s cryptograms. 
Nick’s Identity:
Nick’s full, legal name is Nicholas Nevarez, but his birth name was Nicholas A___.  At the age of 11, Nick was adopted by his step-father and given the last name, Nevarez.
At the time that he was born, he did not have a middle name, but when he was confirmed, he was given the middle name, ____, which is not on his birth certificate.  
The Zodiac’s Identity:
On July 31, 1969, less than one month after killing Darlene Ferrin and wounding Michael Mageau, the Zodiac sent letters, along with one-third of a coded message, to three different newspapers.  One-third was sent to the Vallejo Times Herald, one-third was sent to the San Francisco Examiner and one-third was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle.
The letter that was sent to the Chronicle read in part, “I want you to print this cipher on the front page of your paper.  In this cipher is my identity.”  He also threatened to go on a killing rampage if they did not print the cipher by the afternoon of August 1.
On August 4, the Zodiac sent a three page letter to the Times Herald.  In it, he said, “By the way, are the police having a good time with the code?  If not, tell them to cheer up; When they do crack it they will have me.”
At the end of this coded message are eighteen letters, EBEORIETEMETHHPITI.
According to Robert Graysmith, the killer could have hidden his true identity in these letters.  Several solutions have been suggested.  One of these is NICHOLAS O.  The “O” could have been a mistake, something that the Zodiac was notorious for, or it could have been a zero, which would indicate that he did not have a middle name.  (Zodiac, Robert Graysmith, pages 57-58.)
On April 19, 1970, the Zodiac sent a letter that read, “This is the Zodiac speaking.  By the way have you cracked the last cipher I sent you?  My name is ____.”  After that, he made a line of thirteen symbols.  According to Graysmith, by removing the number 8s, the letters spell out, “NAICK MY NAME.”  This could spell out, “NICK A MY NAME,” which would line up with Nick’s birth name, Nick A__.  Only members of his close family knew that he had been adopted and that his true last name was A___.  This would have been a riddle in a riddle, which might have been the reason that the code was so simple, since he may have actually wanted police to figure it out since it would actually throw them even farther off of his trail.  (Zodiac, Robert Graysmith, page 144.)
Lastly on the bottom of the exorcist letter, the Zodiac made some symbols that can easily be rearranged to spell his first name, Nick.