Question about Bawart's report, for those intimately familiar with the case

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Question about Bawart's report, for those intimately familiar with the case

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In item #24 of Bawart's 1992 report, Bawart indicates that in the mid 1970s DOJ investigator Silver accompanied Brian Hartnell (Lake Berryessa victim) to the hardware store where Allen worked, and directed Hartnell to go into the store and purchase something from Allen.  According to the report, Hartnell then informed Silver that Allen had the same build and the same voice as the man who attacked him at Lake Berryessa, seemingly identifying him as the Zodiac.  I've never seen this encounter mentioned or documented anywhere else other than Bawart's report, and it seems like a significant piece of evidence if it occurred and if it's accurate.  In the 2008 documentary "This Is The Zodiac Speaking", Hartnell states that his attacker had a very distinctive tone and sound (later in the interview he says it had a very unique "cadence"), and that he told this to the police at the time, along with his description of the unusual speech pattern his assailant had.  He then states that he told police he'd definitely know it if he ever heard that voice again, but he follows that up by saying (in 2008) that he never heard it again.  He makes no mention whatsoever in that documentary of any encounter with Allen at the hardware store, and he contradicts Bawart's report outright by saying that he never heard that voice again.  (He was also asked to listen to the tape from the Jim Dunbar show where someone claiming to be Zodiac phoned in, but he says that voice sounded nothing like Zodiac.)

Anyway, I'm wondering where Bawart's information about the hardware store encounter comes from and if it's documented anywhere.    


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