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Here it is in a nut shell , Halloween card clue 3 over 14 in the palm or 3 14. ( N )ovember ( N )ovember mail dates next to each other or 1414  the mail dates out to the ( 14 )th letter = 3 14s Notice what else happens from my notes add to this point = 408 = 340 = 888 all at the 14th letter, note here too how the NN 1414 is dead center of the mailings just like the 1414 in EVBJRS name , Even the 14th letter matches up 1 + 8 + 5 from one end or the N/E to start his name. look at the symmetry.

From Earl van Best positions complete ( 408 ) add letter positions in order EARLVA ( N )  215 232 249 251 234 ( 233 berryessa car door match couldn't help myself here ) = 1414  N at the same position 1414 14 3 of them at point 233 which as I have pointed out before is the 7th letter of his name N + T or 20 7/14/34 Notice how he uses that T at point 233 with the 3 N or 14 mail dates 118 119 726. 

As I have noted the NON cipher letters not used to form EVBJR = 118 and if you use the second section only and add up the E arl  V an B est J r  positions 79 115 80 and 66 = 340  

Part of my search here is to try and determine why 12 positions in the 408 to make up his name not 13 like his name would dictate , Math simply is one of the answers , it had to be positioned a certain way to cram in all that he wanted . Before I continue here people get hung up on all sorts of things  , one thing I think I caught was methodology ?  There have been all sorts of posts to dismiss the 408 name ( Daniel found the EARL LEG )  , its not linear , it darts in and out of plain text cipher text , it doesn't have a cipher name , even look at all the posts trying to decode the thing , how much time could he have spent on it , much much time. He planned everything , he probably had the 408 completed before he took the first shot as the Zodiac. 

As far as methodology goes he grouped the first letters of his name for example to create 340 using one section he then grouped his entire name using the entire 408 up with a number and then matched it up with the 3 first mailings claiming his attacks. He even placed his name in such a way so if you add up the individual numbers 1 + 8 + 5 + 2 etc you get 115 a match to the day of year his birthday occurs using the Zodiac calendar ( how many combinations in the 408 are there and  how many do you think actually stay within the confines of a name and then match up with that names zodiac birthday  ? astronomical ) G N or 7 14 across the name  , he had to break up the cipher to create different positional numbers , as example create EIGHT EIGHT EIGHT = 147 = EARLVANBESTJR as another example. He created a positional code within the confines of a cipher , he then used mailing groups, dates  , the 4 attacks etc to point back to himself in the 408 , the number 408 even matches up to his birthday. 

Anyone have a name find anywhere in the Zodiac ciphers letters that has 141414 in it at one point ? I keep asking for anything remotely close to my findings and I keep building the case further but nothing ?  

I got off track here , the positions which do contain letters which make up 118 within EVBJRS name , there are 10 of them in the second section by position 49 66 79 80 81 82 83 97 98 115 
= 830 the letters at these positions which make up part of EVBJRS name  , EVANBESTJR = 116 830 - 116 = 714 Another defined group and another birthday match within his name , my next hunt seven 14s within his name.

Mike Hallifax 
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EVB matchup 3 14.jpg