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[spoiler=About Requests]Code requests can range in the amount of time needed to complete, so don't complain if a code request made after yours was completed sooner because it's most likely because of the complexity of the code. Make sure you follow the basic guidelines below when making your request, and do not bump your request, or it will be failed. Nothing can anger coders more than rushing them on a code that they're doing [b]FOR FREE [/b]. We don't have to provide this service, so please be respectful.

Once you request your code, it can take anywhere between a few hours to a week or two to complete. If someone posts a code for your code request and doesn't give you instructions on how to install it, you should copy the code directly to the [b]Below the Board [/b] section of your Board Template for ZetaBoards or [b]below <% BOARD %> [/b] in the Board Wrappers for InvisionFree. If the code works, then please post a response saying that it's working properly and that the request is complete. If the code isn't working or it isn't quite what you wanted, feel free to respond with that and say how you would like the code to be changed. If a code is provided and you fail to respond for one week, we will assume that it's satisfactory and complete the request. [/spoiler] [spoiler=Basic Guidelines]If you do not follow these guidelines, your topic will be failed on sight. Multiple offenses will result in warnings. [list] [*]You must have [b] [big]25 ZPoints [/big] [/b] to create a code request, some requests will cost more in which case you will be notified as such.
[*]Search for the code in the [url=]ZetaBoards Codes [/url] or [url=]InvisionFree Codes [/url] forums (depending on which forum you're looking for) first to see if it has already been made.
[*]Do not bump your topic. It will not make the code any faster and will result in a 15 ZPoint fine and maybe having your topic deleted.
[*]Any link to the Official Resource Board will be trashed and the poster warned, even if it was meant to help.
[*]You must always follow the Request Template (see below). [/list] [/spoiler] [spoiler=What We Don't Create] [list]Any code that asks for any of these will be failed. [*]Codes which require PHP or MySQL databases
[*]Codes that go against the ZetaBoards and/or InvisionFree Terms of Service
[*]Modifications made to codes not released on ZetaScript.
[*]Code repairs (see below) [/list] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Code Repairs]Code repairs are not permitted in the Code Requests forum. This forum is for brand-new codes that have not been made, or that have been made but want to be adjusted to the requester's desire. If a code is not working or is giving some sort of error, there is a forum for code reparation called [url=] [b]Code Repair [/b] [/url]. Please ask for a repairing of your code in that forum and not here.

If you do request a code to be repaired in this forum, it will be marked as failed, regardless if someone has fixed it or not. [/spoiler] [spoiler=Request Template]You may remove the notes in the parenthesis when posting your request. [code=Template][b]Forum Software[/b]: (ZetaBoards/InvisionFree)
[b]Type of Code[/b]: (Topics/Forums/Web Pages/Other)
[b]Your Board Link[/b]: (may be private however the coder who fills your request may request it over PM if you do not supply it)
[b]Screenshots[/b]: (If applicable)
[b]Priority[/b]: (Low, medium, high)

[b]Code Description[/b]: (Be as descriptive as possible - what is the code supposed to do?) [/code] [/spoiler]
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