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ok, does anyone know if it is even remotly possible to make a goped scooter street legal. i'm in college and i have one and it is cheap transportation, i hate stupid pa laws that say that i cannot ride it.

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I see no one posted a reply.
I know some info on this, It does very from state to state.
With the high gas prices and alot of new scooters hitting the market.
You can even build one, aka the old minibike.
But to be street legal, in most states.
It has to have a title, you would have to apply for a title. You would also have to have a I.D. stamping or serial number to think of and so forth.
It also has to meet some requirements, that very from state to state. size of wheels, lights, like brake light, tail light, turn signals, not for sure on size of tires.
It's not that hard of a process, however, it is time consuming and not as easy as one would think either.