Interests I aprove of;

Heavy metal, mostly powermetal, ie. Sabaton. Best band in the world. Also some others, but sabaton is best.

Gaming. I greately aprove of this.

---StarCraft (2)
--- Age of empires (2(3)
-Turn based
--Endless Space
--CoD BLops

Food. (I f**king love food.)


Lets players

-Devasin (also, or more commonly known as Doom49)
(List is getting long...)

Reading (fantasy, thriller, Sci-Fi, Action)

Science (all kinds of science, everything from quantum physics to microbiology)



Denied Aproval;

Trolls (including Skyrims Frost Trolls. I hate them!)

Various food dishes (i dont like ALL food...)

*enter other warious stuff like terrorism, animal abuse ect.*

Headphones tangeling together (even tho i have a pair if headphones whom you roll together (koss porta pro) so it is not supposed to tangle)

*side note* I have probbably forgotten a lot of stuff. Might change stuff later.

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