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Theme Request Guidelines

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Theme Request Guidelines

Prior to requesting, please read through the guidelines below and please use the following template when requesting a Theme for your ZB forum. This makes life easier for the volunteers that are filling your requests, and makes it more likely that you're happy with the end result.

Please note, the only graphics guaranteed to be supplied with your theme are Forum Markers, and posting buttons. The other graphics must be requested seperately in the Graphic Requests section.

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[b]Board Link/URL:[/b]

[b]Specific Images/Theme:[/b]

[b]Color Scheme:[/b]

[b]Any Preference on how the theme is constructed/made? (If yes, say what):[/b]

[b]What you don't want on your theme:[/b]

[b]Other Comments:[/b]
Please also only use the Resource Hub template when requesting here.

  • At the very least, 30 posts are required on this forum in order to request a theme.
  • You may only create 1 request every two weeks. This means 1 request every 14 days.
  • Each request must consist no more than 1 image or theme (anything more gets messy and complicated)
  • Only one request for each topic.
  • At this time, we only provide Theme Requests for the ZetaBoards forum software.
  • Do not bump your request. Any bumping or double posting will result in your request being marked incomplete.
  • Only request themes for yourself and not for anyone else.
  • If you want your request to match a graphic please provide a link to that graphic.
  • If you change the details in your theme request after someone has already tried to fulfill it, your request will be incompleted. We take this measure in order to allow a faster processing of your request(s) and avoid a possible backlog.
  • Once a Theme has been created the copyright for that theme remains with the creator of the theme and not the requester.
Thank you for using our service, and we hope you're happy with your request!

Steve // ZBRH Admin