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IMPORTANT: End of Dynamo Support

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2:58 PM - Oct 15, 2016 #1

I'll keep this quick and simple.

I've been offering free services for ZetaBoards (and Invisionfree) for I believe over 10 years now. The biggest have always been my 'money hacks', with AiO/ Dynami being the biggest. Providing many if not all features that in all honesty should have been an option in the first place. However, what can only be put down to lack of communication on Zathyus' side, or a change in their back-end resulted in one major bug with Dynamo. This is a bug that basically required the full re-writing of the script, from top to bottom, something that I actually started working on. But alas, I don't have that much time to devote to Zathyus. I did in the past, but not now. I've got many things going on in real life that deserve my attention more so than a free script I offer to thousands of people who I don't know. The version of Dynamo currently released is a working version minus the one bug mentioned above, which results in some user accounts from being blocked by the service (i.e if there is a member #66 on your forum, but on some other forum with Dynamo another member #66 exists, only 1 of these accounts will work with Dynamo - that's the bug). So you're free to use download and use Dynamo as you have been - nothing will change. I will always keep the host up and running, which I have done for over 7 years now. I run my own work off of this server, so that will not change. But in terms of support, that's nil. If you need support, post on the official zathyus support forum, and someone /may/ be able to help you there.

In terms of future development, this is only a possibility if Zathyus developers actually get something done developer-wise. I understand talks of tapatalk are in progress, and cloudfare was a huge obstacle, but it's been too long since there has been a real update/ push. The API was announced many years ago, but to this date-nothing. Once that's released, Dynamo would require recircuiting again. In short - if Zathyus has a future, then this may as well.

I'd like to thank the thousands and thousands (over 500,000 to be precise) of people who have used Dynamo, and Ferby for his support.