WWCCA June 10th Match Report

WWCCA June 10th Match Report

Joined: October 26th, 2007, 1:19 pm

June 11th, 2012, 10:41 pm #1

Summer is finally in Michigan and Air gunning is alive and well. For our match today we drew a total of 16 shooters and three others that just came out to see what a field target match is all about.
Our set up on Saturday was made a bit easier due to the dry weather we have had lately and the corresponding lack of mosquitoes helped. On the other hand the 86 degree temperature and lack of any clouds gave us all a nice tan. The four of us invested four and half hours on the practice range and on the ten lane field target course. The Course was set with ten lanes three targets per lane for the sixty shoot total. This months Troyer rating was 32.6 and the orange tape applied to the backs of the small targets sure helped you locate the kill zone after a few shooters had a go at it.

Jim Stanis Steyr Leupold .177 JSB PCP 52
Rick Broughton Styer Nikko .177 CP PCP 45
Mark King Daystate Hawke .177 JSB PCP First Timer 29
Jeff Paddock Marauder Leupold .177 JSB WFTF 56
Briquelle March Discovery Bushnell .177 CPL WFTF 37
Andy Wong Hammerli 850 Nikko .177 CPL WFTF 31
Dick Saunders EV-2 Falcon .177 JSB WFTF 15
Ted Bey AA500 Hawke .177 JSBH Hunter 49
Dino Bortolin Katana 3-12X44 .22 CP Hunter 22
Don Kowieozny Katana 3-12X44 .22 CP Hunter First Timer 19
Steven Brown Crossman .177 Jr. Hunter First Timer Face Hits
Andy Ross Gamo 220 4X .177 Jr. Hunter First Timer Face Hits
Tim Engelhardt HW-97 Nikko .177 CPL Piston 38
Fritz Sanders TX-200 HC Swift .177 CPL Piston 34
Rick Stewart HW-97 Swift .177 CPL Piston 27
Karen EngelhardtHW-97 Nikko .177 CPL Piston 18

We completed the match around 2 PM and we made quick work in tearing down and storing the equipment in the shed in spite of having to jump the golf cart again with my car. Half of the shooters stayed and joined us for the lunch after the event to cool down in the air conditioned club house.
Unfortunately we have decided to cancel the Great Lakes 100 in July but we will have our regularly scheduled sixty shot match. We havent received enough registrations at this time to justify a two day match but we will try for the Great Lakes 100 next year.

Tim Engelhardt WWCCA