WTT/S: 3 highly modified PCPs and a freshly rebuilt HILL MKIII for a dream spring gun

WTT/S: 3 highly modified PCPs and a freshly rebuilt HILL MKIII for a dream spring gun

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in .22 preferred. This "Dream" spring gun could have interchangeable barrels. I'm not interested in .20 and ONLY interested in .25 if this "Dream" spring gun can push a JSB KIng 25.43 grain pellets at 800FPS @ muzzle.

A: Highly upgraded Discovery .177 have over $500.00 into it. (without Japanese Bushnell)
B. Highly upgraded Discovery .22 have around $400.00 into her. (Without Japanese Bushnell)
C. Highly upgraded Rainstorm I. .22, regulated, Screw on and shrouded, 2 mags. I can take the caps off of water bottles at 100 yards with JSB 15-18.1's and have killed Groundhogs out to 150 yards with body shots to heart and or lungs. Blood out of mouth so I assume lungs; but didn't make it to the hole so heart very well may have been hit also. Over $1100.00 into her. Value at say $800.00
D. I just ordered and will be rebuilding ENTIRE Hill MKIII Pump so it is essentially as good as new. Though as good as new, it is used, so value is $225.00.

Total package worth at least $1925.00 NOT including prices to ship all this. There's many extra parts, photos via TEXT MESSAGE ON YOUR PHONE. I am NOT having Wife download pictures and thinking any of this is for her. If I sell my 3 PCP's that I have kept out of some 25 (do wish I'd kept the 2 AZ Rapids) PCP's, (also owned about 25 spring guns in the past 12 years) then I am using that cash to buy one or two AWESOME spring guns and at least Hawke Air Max scopes that can stand up to the beating.

Too much info. I can text any pictures by phone only. Call me about anything, JD @ 1-570-977-1149 or for a very slow reply email me at jamesdingle 18@yahoo.com

I'd consider trades, cash, partial sales on everything except the pump until the last rifle goes. Spring guns I'm looking for are tuned ones. By trader if you are capable or I'd love to own a Paul Watts rifle. I'm a lefty so NO right sided thumbhole stocks. I can deal with a right sided comb but ambi or lefty preferred. Looking for customized HW, Walther's, Diana's or newer RWS.
I'll guarantee a 3 day trial period on anything if a trade. If it's not what I say it is I'll send whatever right back as soon as mine is returned.
Ultimately I want a super accurate power house, smooth shooter. No 10M rifles. Rather have cash over something I don't want and maybe save for the Crème de la crème of PCP's and buy a RAW , older AZ Rapid or FX Crown. I LOVE PCP's power, range, accuracy; but I hate the hassle and equipment.
Again jamesdingle18@yahoo.com better, faster, and only way for pictures call 1-570-977-1149