Who repairs/services GAMO's?

Who repairs/services GAMO's?

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September 11th, 2011, 10:51 pm #1

My go-to guy seems to be dropping out of the business. MM just told me he doesn't do GAMO's. I need my barrel removed and detent spring replaced with a nice hard spring.

Desperate, I even called GAMO and to my surprise they said they'd work on my gun even if it has aftermarket parts in it! Price quote is good, but confidence level with working with that place is not... I dont want them to just send me another rifle from the warehouse, yikes!

Anyone know who's out there that still work on GAMO's???

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If not look up RichinMich. He did Gamo's for years, don't know what his status is here with the Yellow, but google him.

If he is going out of business, I can tell you how I do it......

I have a big stationary vise ready and locked down.
Take a propane torch and heat the thread side of the pivot screw, be careful, heat slowly so you dont mess up the finish. Action needs to be out of the gun for this, BTW. Also take the breech seal out, might melt it.
Once heated to where it feels very warm to the touch, almost hot.
Insert whole action into vise, barrel up. Make sure that outside dia. of lockdown screw is just above top of jaws. Cinch the vise down and get it tight, be careful here and go slow, too much, you will bend the ears. Too loose, and you wont get any pressure relief.

Take a screwdriver of the exact size, and insert into the flat screw, and push with all your weight on it, while turning the handle counterclockwise with a set of channel locks.

Once the screw is out, you will need to drive out the screw sleeve, and then your detent should pop right out. I just grab the spring and strech it a little, polish the ends then lube it up.
You can replace it, though.

Hope this helps,

God bless,


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can any one tell me how 2 get ahold of Rich from Mich. ? Thank u..

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...at the beginning of the year. Said he is not doing tunes anymore, just barrel work and LDC's. He still makes GAMO kits for the old steel trigger guns. Here is the info you need.http://www.richinmich.com/Page3.html

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