Well Mike Melick, hope that

Well Mike Melick, hope that

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July 4th, 2010, 2:38 am #1

inventory is going well, and that you get some time to relax on the 4th.

Last night, I took the b-25 apart. Couldnt take it any more,every 2-5 shots, I kept pulling, and by this time, knew that it wasnt me totally.

The "check" tune that you did was outstanding. I noticed that someone put a little shrink wrap on the guide......sweet, the spring was good and tight at the guide. I did clean it up, and polish the spring ends to a mirror smooth finish, and re-lubed with moly and just a very small amout of tar on the spring and guide with the shrink wrap.

The trigger was my suspected culprit, and man! talk about rough!

It took me about an hour to wrap my mind around how it works, and then polished (with paper) to mirror surfaces that make contact. Little difficult to put back together, but have shot it a few times to break in, and it is putting those cheap ebay 1000-for-20 bucks .22 s in the same hole at 15.

What a difference this made!

This gun really is a sleeping giant. Are sales on these good? I think they are a real bargain shooter.

I was thinking of getting a vortek kit, but now not so much, the trigger work has made a huge difference.

What do you think this would be like in .20 cal?

God bless,