Weather good for this weekend 3 day WFTF practice session. Come on down

Weather good for this weekend 3 day WFTF practice session. Come on down

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January 31st, 2018, 1:50 am #1

or up as the case may be:-)

We got the road roughed out from the pasture to the top of "Humility Hill". It's a jeep road at this point... although my 96 roadmaster wagon made it to the switchback 2/3 to the top with ease. I haven't attempted the second part yet as I just got it done before it rained. At least at this point it's a short walk on a great path from the switch back to the top.... anyone got an old jeep to donate to run up the hill with the shooters?
We are building a course along the new road that will be really fun to shoot. That will complete the third... complete 50 target courses on the 600 ac ranch. 150 targets... 75 lanes of field target steel critter challenge. That's a world championship course to practice on.

These courses will challenge the most astute field target competitor. IF you want to prepare for the next world championships... this IS THE PLACE.

If you check out the air video the next world championships has of their course... you will see that our venue is similar.. so we have a great place to practice if you don't have steep hillsides and tricky winds available where you practice.

ya all come now:-)

and the weather is totally super.. highs in the 60s and sunshine! ... alwx_10day

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