Using "beer gas" for Mrod

Using "beer gas" for Mrod

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April 8th, 2013, 6:14 pm #1

I asked this question over on the "General" airgun forum and thought I'd ask it here, too, since it's pretty specific to my Benjamin Marauder.

I've been using a pump for my Mrod and have grown weary of that because I shoot targets and my back just doesn't like the pumping very much. I have both a 20# CO2 cylinder and a "beer gas" (75% nitrogen) cylinder that I had from my homebrewing days.

First question: Since I'm totally new to this (so please forgive my ignorance), would my CO2 tank do what I need it to do for a fair amount of target shooting? I purchased the CO2 "fill station" and ASA adapter to connect to a bulk CO2 tank, so I'm set to go there.

Second question: Has anyone ever used a "beer gas" cylinder to fill their gun? I'm not sure what its fill pressure is and just wondering if it would be a better way to go than just CO2 since I assume the beer gas has a higher fill pressure than the bulk CO2 tank.