Thumbs down on Weihrauch factory cust. service staff.

Thumbs down on Weihrauch factory cust. service staff.

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March 29th, 2012, 2:22 am #1

I have been trying to find a source for a replacement rear detent on my Weihrauch/Beeman R1.

The front chisel detent is replaceable.
The rear detent is not listed as replaceable.
Instead one must buy an entire new compression tube w/fitted end cap.

I have a machinist who is willing to do the replacement.
All I need is one of the HW rear detents.

Twice I emailed HW asking about either a rear detent or a source for one.
As my rear detent was too soft and has worn down a lot in est. 4,000 shots over numerous years of only occasional useage.

Weihrauch's first response (last year), was to send me a parts diagram...and that was it.

Recently I gave it another try, sending a email to the HW factory service/repairs email address explaining again that I just needed a source for the rear detent, and this time didn't even get the useless parts diagram. Instead they told me that PyrmydAir would be the place to help me.

Sigh. HW may make good products but ability or inclination to read and understand a simple email? I give up!

F+ to Weihrauch on customer service.

RH, Calif