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Hello all,

I have gotten a few calls from shooters asking about my Thomas Carbine so I thought I'd share some of my opinions here. It should be noted that I do not receive any compensation to shoot the Thomas, and spent a good deal of time comparing it to my Steyr LG100 before deciding to switch. (There was a cash award given to anyone winning a class with a Thomas at Nationals which I won).

The gun I shoot is the Thomas Carbine. It has a 14 15/16 inch barrel so that it can also be used as a FT pistol, which is why I looked into it in the first place. Just remove the butt and knee riser and its a legal FT pistol. I have a Rowan adjustable knee riser on it and a Maestro Scorpion butt hook. I also added an offset grip and trigger.

My gun just came back from Mike Niksch who did some updates to it (rechamber, new valve and hammer spring combo, new lead dust collector which really quiets the gun). Wow! If I liked the gun before, I love it now. Efficiency is vastly improved and I get 180 shots rather than 70 on a fill. The shot cycle is much more snappy and quiet.

It is made in the good old USA and seeing how the European guns dominate FT, I am excited to be able to shoot an American product. Next, it is crazy accurate. Not so much more than my Steyr, which is a laser itself, but easier than the Steyr. Easier in that the Thomas is far less pellet fussy, easier to load, better in the wind, and lighter than the Steyr. I think the polygon barrel accounts for most of the "less pellet fussy" and lets it take wind a bit better. Pellets don't have as much "up and down" from cross winds. The open breech area makes loading with either hand easy and the carbine is shorter and lighter without giving up great balance.

My basement practice range is 20 yards and I shoot at concentric .25, .5, 1 inch circles. For sitting I try to keep everything inside the .25 Inch circle, and it's easier to do this with the Thomas. With my Steyr I will occasionally drop one a bit low or pull it high right (I'm sure it's me not the gun). With the Thomas I am able to keep them in the circle more consistently, and the misses aren't as far out.

I'm happy to communicate with anyone about the Thomas or Steyr, just drop me an email.



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To shoot with you on Sat in Arizona watching you get to work at WFTF power level. Indeed the rifle works great serving double duty in PFT w/o power changes required.
Then getting to shoot with Mike N on Sunday watching him get after it at sub 20 ft lbs.
So many Thomas's in Arizona took on Mikes winners reward challenge.

Glad to see you got some reward for your success.