The Wally World 1720T

The Wally World 1720T

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This is a sweet deal. You could own a pft pistol for what it would cost to convert a CO2 gun to pcp, do a trigger mod, and whatever else tickles your fancy.

I have 2 of them. They both are tac drivers. Last fall I was shooting in a nickel @ 55 yards off a sandbag.

If I ever make it to a benchrest comp and use a pistol for will be one my 1720Ts.

The winds are blowing hard left to right with intermittent gusting. When it dies down I am going to share some 5 shot groups long range...


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I'm guessing they dropped the price because no one wants them. If you want a single shot pcp .177 you would just get the other model, can't remember the model number. It's accuracy far superior to this, out of the box...sure you can probably just buy a marauder breech but then you are back at the same price point.
The lesson here is anyone who wants a marauder do not wait to buy it any more! Last year, october, i paid $340 for mine from laurel cove. Big supply house had them for $307 and that was rock bottom, now BSH ISN'T even around anymore!