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September 17th, 2017, 3:24 am #21

Wow, was this an eye opener for me. I have probably 25 ( 500 ) tins each of JSB 7.33 and JSB 7.87 pellets that I use in my FWB 300s. The JSB 7.87 shoot the best in three 300s and the JSB 7.33 in the other two. All five shoot both pellets great so I buy them in bulk.

However, after shooting some JSB 7.33 from my last order ( 10 tins ) I was all over the target at 25 yards. I can shoot dime size groups and better at 25 yards consistently and now quarter size with a lot of flyers. At first I thought it was the gun but after trying them in all of my 300s I realized it was the pellets.

Upon inspection the pellets look fine with an occasional bent skirt that you'll find in ALL tins but nothing noticeable that woulds cause the terrible accuracy.

So, I started to open every tin and shoot 10 pellets from each tin. The results were discouraging, of the 10 tins 5 were sub standard, the other 5 were , well not to bad, not great but doable.

JSB no longer puts lot numbers on the tins so it's trial and error.

My point is, keep in mind I already know that the JSB 7.33 pellets shoot amazing in my 300s and do in most owners 300s.

Can you imagine if someone just purchased a 300 and was trying to decide what pellet shot best in his/her gun and just bought this lot of pellets. They would think the 7.33 wasn't the right pellet when in fact it might be.

I don't know what the answer is but does this give you something to think about when trying to determine what pellet to used in your new springer or any other airgun for that matter.

I'm fortunate to already know the two pellets that work in mine and glad I'm not just starting off with this lot.

I'll be contacting the company I bought them from and see what they have to say. Very reputable supplier.
I ordered 16 tins of the 7.33 Thursday night from Airgun Depot. After reading your post im a little worried!

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Jerry, I don't know you and have never met you but I bought and used one of your pellet gauges and found a significant difference in groupings between sorted and unsorted pellets. I used a .22 cal Pelletgage and it helped a great deal. It may be that my less than accurate Benjamin Discovery responded better to the sorted pellets and that my now RAW HM1000 .177 would not respond as well because it is significantly more accurate than my Disco was

Anyway, I appreciate your product and will be ordering one for my newly acquired .177 rifles.

Thanks again for a great product and taking the time to help further the accuracy of those obsessive/compulsive types among us.....
You are certainly welcome, Gary - happy to hear this, and more power to you!