semi auto meets Raccoon [video]

semi auto meets Raccoon [video]

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Basically no offense guy but that is exactly why I do not like semi auto you have guys spraying and praying to hit an animal.

The art of airguns is 1 shot 1 kill. If it were me I would have let the animal stop for a head shot.

Just saying I like the idea of semi auto but air gunners are better than that.


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Sorry but that is just wrong in so many ways. Spray and pray,it's unethical and poor marksmanship IMHO. I expect to see the gun held sideways Gangsta style with that shot pattern and number of misses. If you are going to do multi-tap and least learn to stay on target. It takes a lot of practice

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Cool gun.full auto is the future.i have no objections but see how ppl dont like the whole idea.

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Terrible shooting, could've gotten all 3 w/ that rifle.

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Semi and Full auto could be usefull Hunting tools, if Used correctly.

....unfortunatly this was not one of those times

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If that first shot had been with a bolt-action it would be a video to hide in the shame folder
and work at a better one.
With the right technique these FX's are excellent for follow-up shots by anticipating movement.

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doesn't mean that you still aren't required to focus on marksmanship skills. Shooting like this is something I'd expect in the jungle as a reaction to the trauma of being shot at. Sorry for the reality slap, but you're getting it a lot easier than that raccoon did...