REMINDER!! Diablo Silhouette Match this Sunday June 4th Concord, CA 1:00 PM

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Our monthly Diablo Rod and Gun Club Air Gun Silhouette match is Sunday at 1:00 PM in Concord at the MPR.

Come out and enjoy some Silhouette shooting. Weather will be absolutely delightful.

The 40 shot rifle match is 10 shots each at 1/10th scale chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams
at 20,30,36 and 45 yards. We shoot two banks of 5 animals per Relay.

Air pistol and Short-Range Air Rifle (SAR) is shot at 10, 12.5, 15 and 18 yards for chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams respectively.

There are three classes of NRA Air Rifle Silhouette: Open (all PCPS), Target (unaltered factory 10 meter guns) and Sporter (any unaltered OTC factory non PCP including springer and 12g CO2).
Two classes of NRA Air Pistol Silhouette: Standing and Open Sight Standing.
Three classes of IHMSA Air Pistol Silhouette: Standing, Unlimited Standing and Unlimited Standing Iron Sight.

We also have four of our own DR&GC Air gun games for fun: Short-Range Air Rifle (SAR) on pistol targets (under 12 ft. lbs.), Long-Range Air Pistol (LAP) on rifle targets, Varmint Air Rifle (off the bench) and Varmint Air Pistol. All guns must be below 20 fpe for rifle and 12 fpe for pistol to prevent target damage.

Even beginners will find a class that suits their ability and will knock down enough animals to feel a sense of accomplishment and fun. We have a great group of folks participating at all levels. Our more experienced shooters are always ready to help new shooters develop their skills. You don't need an expensive rifle or pistol to join in the fun. Bring what you have and give it a try.

Rifles are limited to 20 fpe or less and Pistols are 12 fpe or less. Calibers permitted are .177, .20 and .22 only. No .25 caliber. Lead pellets only. No BBs, darts or plastic tipped or metal coated pellets. All spectators and shooters are required to wear safety glasses. Hearing protection is optional and recommended.

We typically run two Relays so you can shoot rifle in one relay and pistol or other rifle or pistol class in another. You can even shoot a refire, which is a second round of the same class. Our targets are custom built, one-of-a-kind string resettable silhouettes so the matches tend to go pretty quickly.

Have fun and keep your rifle and pistol shooting skills sharp with air gun silhouette. Hope to see you there for a great day of shooting.

Ladies and juniors are encouraged to attend to see and experience what the excitement is all about.

There will be free air tank refills from the club compressor after the match for tanks with a current hydro.

All shooters must sign the USI liability waiver form located on line here prior to shooting a match at USI:
It is free, signed on line and is a one time procedure. After signing the waiver, all shooters are required to obtain a USI "Blue Card" available free at the club house. You must have your Blue card with you. USI is now charging a $5.00 replacement fee. I suggest you take a picture of it and store it in your mobile device.

All FT and Air Gun Silhouette events are listed on the Diablo Rod and Gun Club calendar here:

Directions here:

Hope to see you there on Sunday.
If you have any questions or need additional information contact:
pr599 at comcast dot net


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Thanks for the informative post! Might have to come check it out.

Any updates on the range rebuild? The United Sportsman's website hasn't been updated since December. I have some big bore AirGuns I want to shoot! Has construction actually started?

By the way, I stole your posting and put it up at the AG Guild also. Hope this is ok.