Regulator pressure vs hammer spring tension for accuracy

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Hello dear all,

I need your input for obtaining extreme accuracy from a pcp in which we can only adjust regulator pressure or hammer spring tension or both.

I have read that normally the regulator becomes very consistent at near its maximum pressure limit. On the other hand I have read that for extreme accuracy one should keep the regulator pressure to the lowest side to obtain a certain fps.

Both these things look opposite to each other.

I have myself witnessed in some guns that at high regulator pressure the initial hit of air to the pellet is phenomenal and may cause it to skid resulting in fouling of barrel too quickly or otherwise deterioration of accuracy.

Here I don’t talk of efficiency at all. All my focus is on accuracy even at the cost of efficiency.

What do you gentlemen understand about the combination of regulator pressure and hammer spring tension?

I feel that low regulator pressure allows the pellet a long and continuous thrust of air up to the muzzle and the pellet accelerates gradually.

I wish that all those members who are in the know share their point of view.

All other factors will be kept constant.


Umair Bhaur

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Regulators purpose is to supply air at a consistent pressure, to ensure all the pellets are propelled as equally as possible to each other until the pressure drops off below the reg's setting. Making all the shots as equal as possible, is the main goal. in doing this your shot count will be pretty equal too.

As far as the regulator bar setting. I use my Steyr LG110 for an example. If shooting at 12FPE the recommended pressure is 85 BAR, For a 18-20 FPE gun the recommended pressure of the reg is 115-120 BAR. This gives the optimal consistency and shot count.

The setting of the striker/hammer is usually a fine tune adjustment to get the gun to shoot the preferred speed, that the particular pellet performs at.

Some gun barrels will like the pellet speed on a 20 FPE gun at higher speed like 940 FPS. Others prefer lower at 875.. It all depends on your gun.

The most accurate that your gun can achieve is dependent on your tinkering to get there. Trying different pellets at different speeds for instance is a BIG factor in accuracy. Hammer adjustment coupled with transfer port size will effect things. Working with Regulator is crucial.

For instance I bought a Crosman Challenger that is set at 500+ FPS. A 10 meter gun. I only bored the transfer port out to .080 and the speed went up to make it a 12 FPE rifle, suitable for WFTF competition. However, due to the bell curve of the gun without a regulator, it went to 14 FPE at the top of the curv. I put a h
Huma regulator in set at 85 BAR, and it stays just under 12 FPE.... In fact the thing is as accurate as my Styer with the LW barrel.

So to put a cap on my discussion. In my humble opinion, you need to set the reg at the efficient point for your FPE level required, and then experiment with pellets and speed to get the best from the gun. Also keep in mind that a GOOD barrel is essential. One with a perfect crown, etc. You don't need a $3400 gun as the Challenger showed. Also the trigger is important too. A heavy trigger will move your POI due to the side pressure you exert trying to get the sear to break..