QB57 Muzzle Brake....

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December 24th, 2015, 5:08 pm #1

Already know I want to get rid of front sight when gun arrives...any info on muzzle brake would be appreciated. I know the barrel is 13mm transitioning to 15mm...many thanks

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December 24th, 2015, 11:39 pm #2

Easy stuff. I just got a new .22 57 from Archer and a .177 barrel. Iron sights and the muzzle break came off today. Gonna' scope'm and I'm going to refinish the stock and both forearms. Like I said before I'll use two scope rings in front of the scope's adjusting turrets to get the scope back enough for good relief. Archer has a steel muzzle break/weight that will fit. $24 I think and Gamo USA has a big one that fits. About $15. They both look good to me I got one of Archer's on my old 57 and ordered two from him for the new barrels.

Take the scope rail off (three wood screws), remove rear sight (one wood screw). I lay the barrel assembly on a flat surface with a scope ring under the front sight to hold it up. Then lay a hair dryer on high close up against the muzzle break assembly. Half to three quarters of a hour. You can check now and then to see if it's loose. I grab it with a shop towel or wash cloth. When the adhesive loosens twist it off. There are no screws. I'm going to send one of these sets to Tom. Couldn't find the old ones of the old 57.

If you want to remove the barrel to refinish the stock there are two allen head screw in the bottom of the barrel assembly. Remove them and barrel slide out.

How to remove the gun from the shoulder stock is pretty obvious. All the little screws can be stored in the pistol grip when you get it off. It's got a little door on the bottom for storing pellets.

Things to look out for: To remove the adjustable recoil pad. loosen the screw on the back. Don't take it out. Slide it up and down to expose the screws to remove it from the stock. The screw to loosen to adjust the butt plate strips real easy. The little screw that holds the anti-bear trap that drops into the breach needs to be tighten, maybe blue lock tight. If it falls out the tiny spring under it is hard to find on the floor. My old .22 57 has four or five 1/8th" pieces of rubber band where the little spring goes. Works okay but a spring would be better.

Enjoy, fun stuff, Tim.