QB Lock time

QB Lock time

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I was playing with the softChrono program a bit and am trying to sort the data.

With the microphone at the breech, Three significant events are recorded.

The first is short and crisp (metalic?) I assume the striker impact on the valve pin and stop block. 0200

The second follows after 100+ ms,The gas release?
Then there is a third event (bounce) after an additional 40 ms.

My limited testing did not confirm the exact reproduction of acoustic events, but indicative.

Question: Does a 100ms "lock time" seem right for a QB with no mods (on CO2 in summer, at low tide....

I will dry fire when the carts expire and record the signature of only the mechanical events, separate from any pneumatics.
That should give an additional look at events.

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For some perspective, it's easy to tap your finger twice in 1/10th second.

The lock time from trigger break to pellet exit in a gun like the QB is probably between 6 and 9 milliseconds, with most of it consisting of the ~4 or 5ms the hammer takes to accelerate through its stroke.


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ms to me is milli micro would need

Reading The Manual did not add insight to the selection of units.

recall the microphone is placed in contact with the breech at the time of trigger release.

Typical displayed information
resolution 0.0104 ms
view width 437.40 ms
Muzzle trigger 1065.68 ms (event marker)
Impact trigger 1099.07 ms (event marker)

Hmm getting to know a tool.....

It could be that all that was recorded was the muzzle discharge. Dry fire will help there.


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Dry firing will show the valve is closing slower then when the valve is under gas pressure, and it will close even faster when firing a pellet, also uses less gas then when firing with pellet.