NWA TRRC Bill Quick Memorial Field Target Match

NWA TRRC Bill Quick Memorial Field Target Match

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The TRRC 2017 Outdoor Season continued on the 15th of July with our fourth Field Target Match.
This was also our First Bill Quick Memorial Field Target Match and it consisted of 12 Lanes with 3 Targets per Lane for a total of 111 shots.
Bill was 82 years young when he left us in 2016. Last year he was honored with adornments placed on his “Retired” Shooting Stool.
He was part of our North West Airgunning Family and shot indoors at CCRP and outdoors at TRRC with us for many years.
He is definitely missed.
In attendance today were 12 Rifle Shooters consisting of 9 Hunter Class and 3 shooting Open Class. There were 10 PCP Rifles and 2 Spring Rifles.
Hunter Class dominated, as usual, with Dave, George, Red, Michael, Tom, Curt, Brian, Sue and JD but we also had a great showing in Open Class for a change with Jeremy, Terry and John.
Out of the Hunter Class stepped our Match Winner, Brian MacDonald with a 109 out of a possible 111 shots.
“Dominator Dave” was next with a 103, followed by George with a 101. The rest of us were in the “TWO DIGIT REALM”…………..
“Offhand John” shot the entire course standing again with his PCP. Here lately John has been finishing with a DNF and we think we know why!
We think he has been dropping out at the end, when his score gets too high…….to give the rest of us a chance at the fame available.
What Sacrifices he makes for the rest of us. It almost puts a tear in my eye, almost that is.
We had a few “Range Cold” breaks to adjust lines and check targets, but nothing that presented anything complicated.
Everyone shot a “Higher Score” than back in April and had even more fun than before. That is the Objective!
Amazingly, the Weather Person was CORRECT AGAIN and the weather was great!
After the match and everything was put away, the Awards Time recognized many folks. Awards were plentiful, as well. See the attached photos.
There were lots of “Door Prizes” contributed from folks in the family and everyone had their pick of the 26 prizes available more than twice.
Once the “Official Recognition” and “Prize Distribution” part ……………………………. IT WAS GROCERY TIME…………………………..
Sue and JD, with their kids, Chico and Missy, camped in their motorhome for the night and provided the focal point for the Picnic festivities.
We chowed down thanks to the efforts of everyone and …………………if you didn’t eat TOO MUCH, you are a master of will power!
Everyone went home with a great memory and a smile on their face.
Last, But Not Least……….Thanks to everyone for Setting Up and Taking the Course down.

Match Winner (Hunter)
Brian MacDonald – 109-P (111)
Hunter Rifle
Dave Brown – 103-P
George Sharrett – 101-P
JD Dodge – 98-P
Tom Dangelo – 93-P
Sue Vogel – 82-P
Michael Stuart – 81-S
Red Edwards – 79-S
Curt Smith – 50-S
Open Rifle
Jeremy Sabin – 105-P
Terry Cooke – 99-P
John Mickel – DNF-P

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