New XMV Tune Kit adds up to 80 fps to Ruger Air Hawk

New XMV Tune Kit adds up to 80 fps to Ruger Air Hawk

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Archer Airguns has introduced a new tune kit for Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk air rifles.

This kit enables the owner to eliminate the well-known problem of low muzzle velocity caused by incorrectly-fitting breech seals. In many of these guns, there is actually no contact at all between the breech seal and the front of the compression chamber - the result is that air leaks at the unsealed compression chamber/barrel interface, causing low muzzle velocity. In these cases, the XMV Tune Kit can easily add 80 fps to the muzzle velocity of these guns. In the case of our primary test gun, the muzzle velocity increased from 806 fps to 886 fps by using the XMV Tune Kit - even with the same pellets.

The tune kit comprises high precision shims and breech seals that far exceed the standard factory seals in consistency and leak prevention. Also included are comprehensive instructions that detail how to install the kit as applicable to your individual gun.

You can see the new XMV Tune Kit at ... rruger.htm

Another new kit includes the contents of the XMV Tune Kit and combines it with a tin of precision Stoeger X-Speed lead-free pellets. Using these pellets in conjunction with the new shims and seals leads to an increase in muzzle velocity of around 350fps compared to the same gun in factory condition shooting average lead pellets! Our test gun was shooting 1153 fps with these pellets and the XMV Tune Kit in place!

Unlike many lead-free pellets that I've tested, the Stoeger X-Speed pellets are accurate - even at ranges of 40-50 yards - and still have a good, flat trajectory.

You can see the new XMV Tune Kits at: ... rruger.htm ... rruger.htm

Of course, the XMV Tune Kits also fit other air rifles with a similar breech seal configurations, including the Ruger Air Hawk Elite, Ruger Air Magnum, RWS 34, Xisico XS25 family and XS28M.

For the first time, there is now a kit that enables a professional, predictable and precise solution to this long-standing issue at low cost

If you're interested in the background data collection, testing and theory of this simple yet effective Archer Airguns up-grade, you can read my ebook at ... -for-Ruger

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