New 1250 Hurricane

New 1250 Hurricane

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March 3rd, 2007, 5:03 am #1

I went down to Cabela's (near Fort Worth,TX) today to go and see their
Christmas shopping returns in the clearance room (Bargain Cave)
and I found a 1250 Hurricane sitting on the shelf marked "discontinued"
It went for $250'ish ...... so I had to buy it.
It is spotless and came with all papers and box. While I was there I
bought it a BSA 3-9 X 50 (Red Dot) scope for it and am happy to report
that they work very well together.
They had all sorts of deals there and at least 30 Air Rifles and at least
5 High power rifles in the mix (Beeman, RWS 177 and 22's and Gamo)
If you live close by and have not been there lately, get down there ASAP.

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