NEFTC September 30, 2017 Match Report

NEFTC September 30, 2017 Match Report

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October 2nd, 2017, 1:13 am #1

This was the First official AAFTA Match for NEFTC. Despite the cloudy day and possible chance of intermittent rain in the morning we completed the event without any delay.
During setup of the course there were sprinkles that cleared out before the start of the event.

We had 9 participants. The weather was cool and overcast with wind gusts that made the course tricky for long shots. Overall a great day for shooting in early Fall in CT. Temps around the 60's. Two new shooters attended ( JR and Vasyl ) and were very eager to shoot. Both enjoyed themselves and I hope to see them again.

We set the course up in the field and in a small wooded area for kneeling and standing. The layout was: 10 lanes with 3 targets per lane for a 60 shot match, 13 targets beyond 40 yards, 8 of those 13 were beyond 50 yards. The average yardage was 36.77 yards for a 31.73T w/o wind 37.82T with wind difficulty. The std. deviation was 6.29. We used donated targets from our Eastern Regional clubs in Long Island, NY (ESCAA), Salem. NY (Salem Pistol and Rifle Club) and Lebanon, CT (Connecticut Air Gunners). We only had one cold line and 2 targets were awarded points for being faulty intermittently. Not bad for the first time out with these targets.

I want to thank Leo for his help in allowing me to get this event to happen this year and all my fellow FT shooters, clubs and Match Directors in the North East.

Also, thank you to everyone for coming out and shooting with our Club and for staying to help with the take down and cleanup of the targets etc....

Hope to have another FT event sooner than later next season.

The Results:

Match Results (60 shots):

Leo Gonzalez_____________Hammerli AR20FT_Sightron 10-50x60__________AA 7.87_WFTF___PCP_____33
Rosally Paulson___________1720 Rifle________Mueller 8-32______________AA 8.4___WFTF __PCP_____19
Hans Apelles_____________1720 Rifle________Leupold 35x______________AA 8.4___Unlimited_PCP____34
Serafin Furtado "JR"_______Hammerli AR20FT_Sightron 10-50x60__________AA 7.87_Unlimited_PCP______16
Glenn Thomas____________Daystate Wolverine_Nikko Targetmaster10-50x60_JSB 10.3_Open___PCP_____48
Vasyl Povroznyk___________Benjanim Maximus_CV-Lite__________________CP 16.3__Hunter__PCP_____38
John Eroh________________AA S500________Sightron SIII 10-50x60______AA10.3__Hunter___PCP_____36
Nathan Thomas___________Walther LGU_____Sightron SIII 10-50x60______AA 8.4__WFTF____Piston____44
Ray Apelles______________D54 Bull-pup_____March FX 5-40_____________AA 8.4__WFTF____Piston____43

NEFTC MD Glenn Thomas & Nathan Thomas

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October 2nd, 2017, 4:04 pm #2

Glenn & Nathan,

I donated three Remington field targets that I received as a donation from Hector Medina.
I would like to thank Hector for his generosity as I am paying it forward.

Looking forward to one day attending your matches at your permanent location.