Need to buy 22 cal JSB’s. There was a post by T-Cooper about new 177 JSB's

Need to buy 22 cal JSB’s. There was a post by T-Cooper about new 177 JSB's

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August 8th, 2017, 8:53 pm #1

concerning what to look for / what to avoid: ... hat+gives-

Does anyone know if this applies to the 20 & 22 cal JSB’s?

Are they marked in a similar fashion?

What should I look for in the 20 & 22?

I'm using up the last of the old Silver labeled 22 cal tins, before they went to the Red & White tins.


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I currently have 4 different lot numbers of .177cal JSB Exact. All are said to be 4.52mm. The first 3 lot numbers have a visible red sticker on the back that shows the numbers.

> The lot# 6070016 is golden! They fit my barrels like the old white tins from a dozen years ago. The pellet resistance starts as soon as the head is all the way in the bore. The pellet will stick halfway out of the barrel if I don't push it flush. My Optimus and P17 are giving wonderful groups out at 50 yards with these. I burned through a couple of tins and only have 2 tins left.

> I also have some lot# 46040014 that seem to fit fine. I tried many in the barrel of my Optimus and they seem similar to the above. I still have to test them out for accuracy but I'm anticipating good results. I have 3 tins of these.

> Also have some lot# 46561416 that seem to have a looser fit than the above 2 lot numbers. Some pellets from the half tin that I shot will drop into the barrel almost on their own weight. Many will drop to the point where the skirt is almost flush. Occasional examples from this tin will be a bit better.

> Finally, I have 4 tins that have the big circular white sticker that covers the entire back of the tin. These JSBs drop into the barrel up to the skirt. The pellet head is too small for my liking. I can rock the rifle sideways and dump out a pellet. These are the worst.

*** Please post your current JSB Exact lot numbers (.177, .20 & .22cal) and a brief comment if they are good or bad ***