Need some help on which to go

Need some help on which to go

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I have been reading on the 3 main different AR sites that (I know about) on regulators etc,
and the more I read the more confusing it gets,
99.9 % of these posts, are about going faster,
or getting the most FPE in non 22 caliber etc.

First off let me say, that I DON'T want to magnumize my AF Condor 22 cal,
if want some thing faster or harder hitting,
I'll dig out one of the CF rifles/pistols to handle that problem,
I believe in 1S1K, I am hunter.

What I want to do is this, using the Condor AR, 22 cal,
which is the underdog of the AR world.

Have this AR that will shoot around 500-800 fps,
with the most accurate 22 cal pellet at around 50 yds,
inside 1 " or better. (Think starlings/house sparrows) etc.

Have 40-75 shots per shooting session and accurate,
then refill using a hand pump (until I get the compressor),
100 miles 1 way to get any refills, I live in the desert.

Using the smallest air tank possible (less hand pumping) LOL,
I would love to use the 50+ 90 gram co2 air bottles first, if possible,
breaking in the AR and getting use to my first AR etc.

After using up the co2 bottles,
then I would like to use a regulator to continue forward,
using HPA tanks/bottles etc.

Is there anyone shooting their AR in the same arena,
using 22 cal pellets???

If there is, with the same above criteria,
I would greatly appreciate any and all help/info you could provide etc,
so I know what direction to go etc.

Be advised that I am new to the AR scene,
and do not understand all the lingo,
or understand all the abbreviations being used etc.


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So first of all to use the 90gr CO2 tanks in your condor, you will need two adapters. You will need a CO2 adapter for your Condor (usually around $60 used on the Classifieds) and you will need an AirSource adapter. I found this at Pyramyd, but it's no longer available... surely someone has one. ... apter/4118

That should have you running at CO2 velocities in your Condor while you wait for a tank or just to use up your CO2.

Now... if you are wanting to regulate your condor for HPA later on, I would suggest that you Google Altaros regulators. He makes a regulator that will fit the AirForce tank. It will add a little length, but will regulate and you can get the number of shots you desire. I have two of his regulators on AF guns and they work great.

If you have any other questions you can hit me on email robertsrc/at/charter/dot/net

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The Condor can be set up for a bit lower fill, too depending on what you expect on velocity. In reality, you could use the o ring behind the tophat trick to lower your velocity to what you want and depending on your range you intend to use it at, you might be able to get by with a wider variance in velocity... just a lot of options here. I opted for the regulator because I have a tank and dont have to pump so wanted to make full use of a fill.


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Thank you for the info,

I had planned on doing lots of testing with the Condor,
still waiting for the deal to go thru,
seller is gone for about a month.

So I thought I would get ahead of the game, if possible,
I think, I done slipped off the edge. LOL

My main objective is,
accuracy first,
most shots possible, second,
without spending my time pumping up the air tanks,
I would rather be shooting starling/HS etc.

Still in the learning phase!!!