Need Help...........

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I need some help here,

I keep seeing posts, (I have been reading every post that interest me on my planned adventurers etc,
for the last 60 days +), and have lots more to go I see,
about 9 oz, 88-90 gram weight bottles, 13 ci bottles, 7 ci/oz 9 ci/oz bottles etc, etc, etc,
and I am getting more and very confused about what is being talked about etc, etc.

The more I read, going over the posts that I think that may have a value to to ME,
the more confused I get, etc.

Can some one explain these terms, mentioned above,
so a NON educated NEW air gunner, can understand what is being talked about????

Please, use simple plain English, I am over 70+ yrs old, if you get my drift.......

I plan on getting a QB 79 air rifle, 22 cal first? to start off with, so to speak, getting my feet wet,
as I have 50+ Co2 filled tanks and know where there is more, very cheap etc.

I may get a 17 cal QB 79 also, I just don't don't know yet, which will be the BEST for me,
to thin these blasted starlings/HS out, most of the shots will be inside 50 yds.

I went out today to start my new 2010 diesel up, lifted the hood to check the oil etc,
and those blasted pests had 2 nest built in the engine compartment, (&%$#*^%)(, damn birds.
I have declared WAR, this will be a NO FLY zone for them, ASAP.

And when my pending buy is completed, for a 22 cal Airforce Bounty Hunter air rifle, 22 cal is completed, (pending seller is off on a 30+ vacation),
I really want to jump into AR shooting and building to my spec's etc.

It would be greatly appreciated by me.

Thank you,

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Ok. 12 gram CO2 canisters are the little bulbs you can get a big-box stores (small silver bulbs in picture). 88/90 gram are slighlty larger (red/blue in picture):

These are generally not refillable. There are some folks that make some 88 gram refillable cylinders but the ones you get at the local Wallz-Mart are disposable.

The 13ci tanks are designed to be refillable. They are much more cost effective than the 12g & 88g disposables usually. The 7ci, 9ci, 22ci, etc. are similar to the 13ci, just different lengths:

For a QB79 you will need to find a 13ci paintball bottle with a diameter of 2" or less. The bottles available from your big-box stores may be 2 1/8" which will interfere with the barrel. My QB79 will get about 100 shots from an 88 gram cartridge (~$10) or about 700+ from a 13ci bottle (~$2 refill).

Hope that helps ...


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appreciate the pictures too. I learn something here everyday.

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Thank you for the info,

Those photo's show a lot of info, and that blasted kitten photo did NOT show up,
99% of the post I have read that had photo's in them, there was that blasted kitten,
I am getting sick of seeing him. LOL

I did not know that the QB 79 could have so many ways to use Co2 etc,
those options give me lots of ways to shoot the AR,
depending on what I want to do etc.

Is there a calculator that shows that zxy grams is equal to yxz oz's,
or how can I figure out the conversions,
and the same for ci as used in reference to the air tanks etc?

I am attempting to get a chart made, so I know this info etc.