My FT 1720T...StormTrooper Pistol...

My FT 1720T...StormTrooper Pistol...

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If Storm Troopers used airpistols, they would look like this! I made the Aluminum rail by hand and with a drill press. It started out as 1/4" thick 2" wide aluminum about 11 inches or so long. The rounded tip was ground down with sand paper. It took hours, but it came out perfect. I rough cut the round with a cutwheel. The problem with this is that sometimes you can accidently bump what your cutting. After getting everything to fit, I took it to an auto shop and had it powder coated. Came out better than I thought it would. I use a versapod as a handle. Its lower than the trigger guard. With the 12" barrel I fill to 2200 psi and get 18-20 good shots @ 705 fps with 10.5s. I have shot a nickel sized 5 shot group from a sandbag @ 55 yards, but didn't record it as the weather was getting bad. When squirrel season starts I hope to take it out and see how it works fox squirrels.

When the wind calms down I will post some groups.


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