More Pics of the Western States Championships too

More Pics of the Western States Championships too

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Here is a few of the pictures from the match. There are too many to post here, but if you want to see my Photobucket with the most recent first pages about the event, then here it is..

Doug Miller and David Alsup

Wayne Burns

Duck at the Lake

Larry Durham (LD), Mark Gravelle & Jon Brooks

Matt Kellerman at the Lake

Target in the trees

Two inch Rabbit kz at full distance across the lake

Doug & David checking out a long one up the hill

Some BSing under the pavillion

Vipha Miller & Matt Kellerman in the woods

One of the "Widow Makers"

The Raffle Table, headlined by "Air Guns of Arizon"

Allan Heggman borrowing my USFT #44.. shooting it better than me of course:-)

Brent Saunders & Mark Gravelle scoring Allan.

Doug Miller & Bob Pont on the woods course

Riz Marquez & David Alsup on the woods course

Evening under the pavillion

Bob Pont shooting Open class PFT

Mark Gravelle the "Superman" of assistant match directors!

Wayne Burns shooting Open class PFT

Gordon Stipe shooting Hunter class PFT

Tim McMurray shooting Open class PFT

Scott Hull shooting the gun he built in the yoga position class:-)

LD & Matt Kellerman with Mike Aber in the background

Iron sights course shooters

I might be able to post some more on another post later,

Wayne Burns,
Match Director,
Ashland Air Rifle Range