Match Report Heflin (FT and UKAHFT)

Match Report Heflin (FT and UKAHFT)

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February 6th, 2018, 12:03 am #1

Finally the weather cooperated. It was still chilly at kickoff but it warmed up nicely. Of course there are always those pesky switching winds that make things challenging here in Heflin.

Over on the FT side, Ken Hughes ruled the day with a 44/48 but Walt Roller did some outstanding shooting in hunter class, 43/48.

We only had two shooters brave the elements on the UKAHFT course, yours truly and Gabe Sallusti and we both tied. But a good time was had by all.

Here's how it hashed out.

Ken Hughes Steyr LG100? Leupold 35x? Pellet? 44/48
Rob Seiden Steyr LG100? Scope? Pellet? 41/48
Ron Brown Steyr LG100? Sightron 10-50? Pellet? 39/40
Rod Bradley DNF

PCP Hunter
Walt Roller Marauder UTG 4-16 CPH 43/48
Mike Loar Marauder Hawk 3-10 AA 10.4 25/48

UKAHFT (The Ground Dwellers)
Gabe Sallusti AA S200 SWFA 6x Parallax 20 yards CPL 44/60
Paul Oswalt Walther LGU Bushnell 6-18 @10x Parallax 27 yards AA 8.4 44/60

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