M10 as a slug shooter

M10 as a slug shooter

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April 24th, 2017, 9:54 pm #1

A bit of hope for the issue M-10 .22 to be a cast bullet shooter. NOT changing any of the parts/tuning of the M-10; rather than fitting the rifle to the bullets went abut fitting the bullets to the rifle.

Not great results, but encouraging for "make-do".

Only mold I have is too heavy/too long to stablize. Runs about .515" long, .225" before sizing, and 48.5gr. when cast from recovered airgun pellet scrap.

Would partly key hole, spread out over a really wide-wide area on a 20-25 yard target, and basically were worthless for any use.

So I borrowed some time on a firend's jewlery lathe and cut the rear section off, which came out to .440" length and 40.4gr. Also figured out a way to consistently roll-size them to .2225-.223" (although becasue it started off life as a big-bore slug knurling tool, it left cross-hatch patterns on the bullet shank).

Did much better. Not "pellet accurate" but good enough to let me know there is hope for this rifle becomeing a 56-60 foot pound .22 slug shooter.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH...but encoraging as I've not got a standard barrled .22 PCP to shoot home-brew slugs nearly as well as this. Point on, no sight of tipping, and an at least "useful" group size.

There is PLENTY WRONG with these make-shift bullets. They are not all that uniform in diameter, the cross hatching bothers me, and there is WAY TOO MUCH unsupported "nose" for the bearing area. (50 years of cast bullet shooting tells me that that much un-supported by rifleing weight is just not a great thing.)

Converted another batch of them, taking much more care to get the length/weight just right, adjusted the make do knurler/sizer a little bit, and rubbing some lube into that cross hatched surface (just looked like it was made to hold lube).

May be commerically cast/sized slugs that will out-shoot this by a whole lot...may not be. At least I can make these as often as I want to with the stuff I already have on hand.
Am going to just go ahead with what I can "make-do" at home. Can make as many more as I need to, have the mold...got my old mini-lathe woring...and borrowed the knruling/sizer.

If sized to somthing like .2225-.2227", can chamber them by pushing on the end of the bolt with your left had, and pushing on the bolt handle with your right hand (assuming you are right handed).
So this is what one like hand-chambered and pushed out by a rod. It takes a little "ooph" to chamber,but can do it with strong hands.

Stiff chambering, but can chamber the slugs and achieve full rifling engagment. Kicking the nearly pure lead slug in the arse with 3K air pressure isn't going to hurt things.

I'll cast up another 200 or so, closely insperct them an likely end up with 150-155 that "pass close visual inspection", convert them to diameter and length, and let it go at that until I run out of those 150-160 "sugs"...considering the number of shots "in anger" per year, that might well be somthing like 2020.

I kind of like this....a type of self-sufficicenty...can foot pump up the air prressure and cast the "slugs" it shoots.

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May 8th, 2017, 1:46 pm #2

29 yards but I need to size them down a little more as they are a little tight to chamber

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May 13th, 2017, 1:33 pm #3

Not sure who made them, another poster sent me a sample for testing. Definately swaged and about 30gr. Made my last run of cast slugs a little shorter to come ou at 35gr. and tossed in some JSB 25.4's for comparison.

Recovered slugs got mangled. Cast slug is a bit harder than I had hoped for considering the lead was all from airgun pellet (tend to clean the traps and save the lead). Got an idea of engravement.

Shot well...one one test target, so not enough data to claim a real "winner".