Leaking breech seal on QB78 - after XP Tune Kit install....

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July 23rd, 2018, 1:46 am #1

I was having some CO2 leaking because of a bad tube cap seal.   I replaced the tube cap seal and decided to replace the OEM breech seal that came with the 2X spare seal kit I got when I originally bought my .22 QB78 DLX from Archer a few years ago.    After I finished, I was getting some leaking from the breech seal when shooting the gun from between the barrel and valve tube.   I ordered the XP kit from Archer's and installed the new probe along with new barrel O rings and another new breech seal.   The modifications increased my muzzle velocity (.22) to an average of 562 fps from a 10 shot string with a high of 581 fps, but I am still noticing CO2 leaking from the left-hand side of the breech seal......     

What can I do to get a better seal at this point?    

I am running out of new Archer seals, are there options that might be locally sourced?

Thank you in advance.

Keith in Renton, WA