Info on Airfest 2011 and possible airgun show.

Info on Airfest 2011 and possible airgun show.

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Working out details for Airfest 2011 at the Southeast Expo in McAlester Ok. Have the facilities for a indoor airgun show as well. Am wanting to put together a list of vendors that want tables. I am trying to have it in conjunction with a firearms show. This could easily become the largest airgun show and shoot in the U.S. have the city behind the idea as well as some big name organizations interested in joining in as well. So if you would want a table, email me with table count and our contact info. As of now it is planed for late Sept 2011. The idea of having a fire arms show mixed in, will bring in a lot of possible new customers and shooters to the sport. Not also it will be a bigger advertised market.tim

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Count me in to help.

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