IAFTC Match Report for Jul 17

IAFTC Match Report for Jul 17

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July 20th, 2010, 3:42 pm #1

Idaho Airgun Field Target Club
Field Target Rifle Match
July 17, 2010

We had five shooters for today's match, four regulars and one new shooter.
Lane Erickson, who had attended the pistol match two weeks ago, came and
brought a preBeeman FBW 124. He had shot a jillion tin cans with it when he
was young, and all those cans had their effect. Lane shot a 22/57 for his
first rifle score. We are looking forward to Lane becoming a regular at our

With the Crosman match in the past, everyone brought out their old tried and
true air rifles, except for Dave Read who brought his Marauder. Ash Covey
caught fire dropping only nine points in the first 6 lanes to position
himself 6 points ahead of Dave. However, on the last lane Ash got skunked
and Dave caught up to tie the match for precharged rifles.

In the shoot off, Ash lost the coin toss and shot first. Each shooter would
shoot four times at the same target. Out of four shots Ash hit the first
three and missed the last one. Dave missed on this first shot and then got
serious hitting the next three to tie the first round of the shoot off. On
the next round the target was shot from further away. Ash alternated
missing and hitting to get two for four. Dave missed three straight and
conceded the match to Ash. It was our first shoot off for a first place
this year and stretching out to eight shots, it added extra excitement to our

Spring Division
Ray Carter 31/57
RWS 52, Hawke Eclipse 6-24X, .177 JSB 8.4 Gr.
Lane Erickson 22/57
FWB 124, RWS 3-9X, .177 CPL

Precharged Division
Ash Covey 45/57 Shoot off 5/8
Daystate X2, Simmons 44 Mag. 6.5-20X, .177 JSBH
David Read 45/57 Shoot off 3/8
Crosman Marauder, Centerpoint 4-16X, .177 CPH
Ron Gill 36/57
AA S400 Extra Fac, Leapers 8-32X, .177 JSBH

Submitted by,
Ron Gill

Let me just add a couple of additional comments: before the match, I asked the match director, Ash Covey, how many lanes we had. He said we had six lanes - each with three targets, three shots each - except two lanes had two targets instead of three. So we were expecting a 48 shot match - which would have been doable for all the PCP's without a refill. Well, we had seven lanes for 57 shots. It seems likely, since Ash was really on fire for the first six lanes, that he was running short of air on the last lane where he went zero for six resulting in the tie. So, after the match, before the shoot off, Ash pumped up his gun. He had just finished when it was time to go, and Dave won the toss - so elected to have Ash go first - figuring his heart rate would be up a bit.

And a personal note: I've not faired well at all with Dave's 'life sized' targets with the 3/8" KZ's - but did pretty well this time around. As I recall there were three of them set up on different lanes - I think I got one once, one twice and one three times. In fact the last one we encountered (I shot with Dave and Ash while Ron showed the new guy the ropes) we all cleared the little bugger. It was a great day. A bit overcast when we started and we were doing great until the sun came out about 10:30 or so - it got rather warm then and the wind picked up - you just gotta love the Idaho weather!


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July 21st, 2010, 7:32 am #2

Thanks for kind comments Ray. However we all know how I tend to choke "under pressure" (double entendre, get it). Low air was part of it though just not sure how much. 60 shots on a single fill is a lot for a unregulated gun with a small reservoir though and those kill zones were pretty small so I suppose me running a little low on air could have made a difference. That and Dave's target are brutal. 3/8" kill zones at 19 yards! I also may have used up all my luck on the previous lanes. All in all though a really great match day.