I love the smell of FieldTarget in the morning ......

I love the smell of FieldTarget in the morning ......

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June 29th, 2012, 1:17 am #1

Well after 16 days on the road in our RV with the wife and kids
I can safely say that the match in Oregon this weekend is going to be a serious break for me !

I can't wait - win or lose I just want to shoot , have fun with the kids, and make some great memories !

From The Giant Sequoias of Sequoia Nat. Park to the Giant Redwoods of Humboldt we have finally made it up the coast to Oregon -

Grants Pass is just 40 miles from where we are staying tonight .... but the famous Oregon Caves must be explored in the morning before we head over
to the range at Grants Pass ....

we are only 1/2 way through our west coast RV tour ... but this FT match was the main reason to come up here.

Not sure if there is WiFi up there but I'll do my best to photograph the action and post here as soon as I can.

Safe drive to all making the trip and looking forward to seeing you there.

Cont. safe shooting


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July 1st, 2012, 12:31 am #2

...you would probably find LOTS of targets of opportunity while riding cross country.

from my side-yard range, one of the most exciting targets is when a semi from the TARGET stores goes zipping by with that big red bull's eye on the side. awfully hard to resist. makes me feel like i'm 10 years old again with my first BB gun.

the ones that are REALLY hard to resist are the cars with the THUMP SPEAKERS, though.

just the musings of an idle mind. probably not a good idea anyway. just go back to driving. forget i said this.