How to adapt the Plinkster FFH to the CP-1M pistol. Rob, this may interest you.

How to adapt the Plinkster FFH to the CP-1M pistol. Rob, this may interest you.

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The mismatch between the Plinkster FFH kit and the CP-1M pistol lies in the use of the OEM endcap to provide one of the attachment points for the grip. The replacement endcap supplied in the FFH kit (part 'M' in the installation guide) lacks the necessary screw hole, making grip attachment problematic.

So here's how to easily modify the FFH kit to work with the OEM endcap.

Notch the sides of one of the supplied spacer washers.

This makes it possible to push the FFH Tether through the washer...

...loop it over the notches...

...and anchor the tether to the washer.

This makes it possible to anchor the washer to one end of the hammer spring...

...and then insert the spacer washer end of the spring through the guide washer and into the hammer.
Note that this is the reverse of the Plinkster assembly in which the Pusher end of the tether goes into
the hammer. The OEM endcap can then be inserted, preserving the attachment point for the pistol grip.

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I'm actually still working on the plinkster project while the bullpuppy collects dust ( sad really ) .. Reason being , had my first child 5 days ago ( girl , 7lbs 3 oz ) and haven't even had the chance to test the sear on the plinkster frame.. I actually really need the sear now , because while deburring the rear end of the plinkster tube , I accidentally ground the factory sear about .3 mm shorter leaving engagement dangerously low.. I may do the FFH on the plinkster, But I'm first trying to tune it for a light hammer strike , and good valve duration without investing too much..(e.g cothran valve ). The plinkster tube now carries a discovery valve heavily ported..... I'm halfway there.. This way My force requirements from the FFH will be relatively lower ( aren't all things in airguns somewhat relative ? lol) When I get to the final stages of the build , Ill calculate my bar/cc fpe efficiency and decide on FFH.. who knew making a plinkster a 9mm 75 fpe repeater would be hard?
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