Good Ole Boy's match results-5-13-17

Good Ole Boy's match results-5-13-17

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Good Ole Boy’s match results– May 13, 2017

Another great weekend for FT and getting ready for Heflin’ Southern Open .
Wind was spotty, but not too bad. The rain quit just prior to sight-in time.

There were only 9 shooters, but we all had a good time. Harold Rushton was overall top score again this week with a score of 57/60.and tops in WFTF class. Roz Sumpter was tops in the Open class with a score of 51/60 and Larry Cleveland was the only Hunter class shooter and was tops with a score of 45/60.

Danny Ayers and David Slade were back this week and both did good in the WFTF class. There were 5 shooters in the Open class and I brought up the rear with a score of 32/60. There was an awful lot of zeros there and I think I was off just a little left to right. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. May have been the wind that wasn’t there. LOL

Match results:

WFTF class –
1. 57/60/Harold Rushton/AA FTP900/Sightron 10-50/AA 8.4
2. 47/60/Danny Ayers/Steyr LG110/Sightron 10-50/H&N 8.5
3. 41/60/David Slade/Steyr 110/Nikko 10-50/JSB 8.4

Hunter class –
1. 45/60/Larry Cleveland/Hawke 4-16/AA 10.3

Open class-
1. 51/60/Roz Sumpter/TM1000/Sightron 10-50/AA 10.3
2. 49/60/Cliff Smith/TM1000/B&L 8-32/AA 8.4
3. 44/60/Jeff Hale/HM1000/Aeon 10-40/AA 10.3
4. 39/60/Jim Baumann/MFR/Sightron 10-50/AA 10.3
5. 32/60/Pat O’Brien/TM1000/Nikko 10-50/JSB 10.3

A bunch of us are heading down the road to Heflin, Alabama this coming weekend for a grand ole time. The regular match that would normally be held at Minor Hill on the 4th weekend will not be held this month because of Memorial Day weekend.

Be careful driving to the match and hope to see you there.


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