Good Ole Boy's match - 4-8-17

Good Ole Boy's match - 4-8-17

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Good Ole Boy’s match – April 8 ,2017

Saturday turned out to be a great day in Middle Tennessee at Roz’s Hollow. The sky was a beautiful blue with practically no clouds. Temperature was cool early before the match, but warmed up to in the 70’s before we were through. There was a little wind to contend with. We had 10 shooters show up and 3 different classes represented. 3 in WFTF, 6 in Open and only 1 in the Hunter class.

Harold Rushton was high point overall and in the WFTF class with a score of 55/60 and cleaned 7 lanes on a fairly tough course. Mike Wright was second overall with a score of 51/60 in the Open class. Mike only missed 2 shots in the close and middle targets.

My shooting partner, Larry Cleveland was the only Hunter shooter today and had a score of 39/60. I think shooting with me may have hurt him, as he usually does much better. I seem to have that effect on most shooters.

Mike Wright is not able to shoot here as often as we would like. He did very well in the Open class with a top score of 51/60. Our host, Roz Sumpter took second in this class with a score of 50/60, In spite of being worn out from last week’s outing in Baton Rouge. Jeff Hale had a great day with a score of 49/60 in the Open class.

Hope to see more shooters out next month.

Results of match on April 8, 2017:

WFTF class –
1.55/60/Harold Rushton/AA FTP900/Sightron/AA 8.4
2.42/60/Cliff Smith/TM1000/B & L 8-32/AA 8.4
3.DNF/David Slade/Steyr LG110FT/B & L 8-32/JSB 8.4

Hunter class –
1.39/60/Larry Cleveland/TM1000/Hawke 4-16X/AA 10.3

Open class –
1.51/60/Mike Wright/HM1000/B & L 8-32/JSB 13.4
2.50/60/Roz Sumpter/TM1000/BSA 10-50/AA 8.4
3.49/Jeff Hale/HM1000/Aeon 10-40/AA 10.3
4.41/60/Jim Baumann/Marauder/B & L 8-32/AA 10.3
5.38/60/Pat O’Brien/TM1000/Nikko 10-50/JSB 10.3
6.36/60/Ray Barnett/Marauder/Aeon 10-40/AA 10.3

The next scheduled match in middle Tennessee will be at the Invicta course in Minor Hill, Tennessee just west of Pulaski on Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Don’t forget the Southern Open coming up at Heflin, Alabama on Friday, May 19 (Pistol match), Saturday, May 20 & Sunday, May 21 2017.

Many thanks to the kind folks down at Baton Rouge for all the hard work to put on one of the best matches in the country.

Ya’ll come,


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