Good Day With My Springers ... Still, I've Decided to Go PCP in the Near Future

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Finally, had a good day with my springers ... downed four Eurasian dove.
Albeit, the range of each shot was under 30-yards.
Two were instant kills.
One was a sightly low hit that caused a delay in demise - but less than a minute.
And, another was a fly-away for about 20-yard before the bird folded and dropped dead.

By-the-way, all of the kills are not being wasted.
The neighbor across the alley vacated sometime ago ... leaving three-kittens and their mama behind.
So, these hungery mouths consumed the dove - with great gusto I might add.

However, the Eurasian dove are learning ... they're getting a clue about what the safe stand-off range is.
And, it has been getting harder and harder to make sure the kittens and mama eat-well each day.
As such, I'm beginning to think ... I may need to buy a quiet PCP in the very-near future to extend my effective kill
distance while being more stealthy.
Otherwise, I'm gonna have to be paying out-of-pocket to keep the left-behind cats feed.

To this end, I've been thinking about buying one of the AirForce V5 Cometa Lynx 290cc tank that is on clearance.
Moreover, I'd been telling myself for the longest time, I"d purchase a Benjamin Marauder when a regulated version
became available - looks like that might-be happening in the near future.
Or, Benjamin Brod Marauder conversion with a smaller bottle so I can use a Hill/Venturi 4.5K psi pump.

Might mention, I recently purchased a HPA hand-pump for another purpose - more later, on this recent development.

However, I'm not gonna sell my springers .... at leasrt not all of them.
The last time I sold/traded/gave-away any of my airguns or firearms, I ... eventually ... regretted doing so.
Not gonna go through that - again.


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different rifles. I gave up many awesome spring guns and PCP's only to end up missing some very much.

Any decent PCP such as a Marauder that you are thinking about will have no problem killing Doves at 75 yards. I don't know if The Cometa Lynx has a choked barrel; but I do like the look of them.

By the way, you can eat the breast of those Doves, fried, and they are delicious. The rest isn't worth anything and The Cats will still appreciate the entrails. I'd pull all the feathers out for the kittens and slice open the belly. The Kittens will learn either way eventually.

Just MHO and some advice that may make your Life simpler. A Discovery is set up for a 2K fill and maybe easier for you to pump. I don't know your age, how much you shoot, etc. If you shoot a lot, pumping can get old but not impossible. The Discovery, or Maximus are underrated by some who think a PCP can't do 1/2" groups @ 50 yards unless you spend $1000.00 or more. The Marauder is a fine choice. I avoided regulated rifles until I owned a few. I'm keeping the ones that aren't; but most likely any I buy in the future will have regulators. Even the .357 Raw spitting an 81 grain Diabolo gets 16 shots @ 130ftlbs w/ its' regulator. It can do as high as 160ftlbs; but expect 8-10 shots at most. I want one and will eventually have one. RAW is willing to add a .257 longer barrel if I provide it. I'd need AZ's advice on that though. I'd go with a 68 grain mold for cast bullet .257's so basic physics say a longer barrel, lighter projectile, cast solid should be able to give me more shots, less drop, more retained power. It maybe less than the 81 grain .357's muzzle energy; but being a cast bullet should retain more or equal at longer distances. Again, need AZ's advice on optimum barrel length, twist rate & such.

Take all of this in stride, and see the point I'm making. Once you go to PCP's, you'll be HOOKED. It's worth it though. One thing I would like to say though is if you get a .25 Marauder, definitely get the extended air tube, regulator, any HDD available. Joe Brancato has Marauders set up real well. The .177 & .22's are pretty darn good in stock configuration, even the Generation one models. These new ones will be amazing.

Also keep in mind many guys spend $1800.00 or more on a stock rifle and still have it tuned, upgraded. Marauders can be optimized by Will Piatt, Dan Brown, many others who don't advertise (these 2 guys are known by reputation and word of mouth, internet more than advertising) and rifles they have worked on have taken titles in competitions so again, a Marauder is a great choice that's affordable, and able to be modified by guys like I mentioned. A 23.8" LW or Jim Gaska barrel will definitely improve shot count and accuracy. May not be needed though. My first .22 Marauder could put 21.1 grain Kodiaks in a dime sized group at 50 yards, unregulated, factory barrel, cheap scope. It all depends on how far you expect to shoot and how much you care to spend. I personally like my modified Discovery rifles due to their light weight and amazing abilities. I don't mind single shot for what I use them for.

Good Luck Alejandro, and don't forget to Love your spring guns! They'll get lonely and jealous, may stop shooting well just to spite you. JK!

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Regardless of what PCP I decide to purchase initially.
The top priority in any PCP will be stealth - aka: quiet.

My springers are not particularly quiet.
But, they're not loud either - unless they're dieseling. LOL
Not funny when a dieseling incident breaks a spring.
As what recently happened to me - quite a surprise.

Anyway, I looked at the Discovery Maximus Euro because of the threaded barrel.
Nearly the same OAL as the Maruader and is a single-shot and unmoderated.

And, I've been reading some of the reviews.
Looks like the Marauder may display superior accuracy at 50-yds. ... er-part-3/ ... us-part-7/

Moreover, the Unmarex Gantlet has caught my eye: repeater, shrouded-barrel, regulated, 3K psi 13-ci tank
capable of hand-pumping, seemingly good accuracy at very reasonable price - what's not to like.
At 2min 50sec ... "1/2 inch group at 50-yds" very, very impressive.

Lots of good choices.
But, a Marauder has a lot going for it.
In-particular, lots of aftermarket support ready to improve the OEM performance.
But, the only significant non-OEM part I'll be looking at is a Lothar Walther barrel.

To this end, a Lothar Walther barrel is what the AirForce Cometa V5 Lynx might be lacking - along with a major trigger tune.
Otherwise, the Lynx seems perfect to me. ... le-part-4/ ... -wood.html ... #msg133394

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#1. The Maxi is no louder than the LDC screwed onto the threads lets it be. Well designed and executed, an LDC don't hove to be mega-big to be quiet.

#2. No "real shooter" has a factory=production Gauntlet..keep in mind the shot-show tests of a sample prototype, but don't bet your azz that that's how the production version is going to end up (And I gotta say "IF" rather than "WHEN").

#3. Play around with the adjustments built into an M-Rod, and if you are after moderate power (say something like 12-15 FPE in .177, 19-24 foot pounds in .22< or 25-33 foot pounds in .25) you could find the issue shroud system to be PDQ (pretty damned quiet).

It really comes down to three things: VOLUME of gas released per shot, VOLUME of the shroud/LDC, and the construction of the baffles inside the shroud/LDC.