GOB match results-9-30-17

GOB match results-9-30-17

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October 2nd, 2017, 4:35 pm #1

Results from good Ole Boy’s match-Sept. 30, 2017

We had a total of 8 shooters that came out for a perfect day for shooting. The weather could not have been better. No rain and the temperature was comfortable. To make things even better, Robert Ray found time to come over from Memphis and visit with us and Larry Cleveland is back from summer in the far northeast. We did miss some of our members that had other things going on. Hopefully they will be back for the next meeting on the second week of October, 10-14-17.

We had 5 shooters in the PCP class, two in the Hunter class (1-piston and 1 PCP) and one in WFTF class. Roz Sumpter was the top shooter in the PCP class and overall with a score of 51/60.


PCP class-
1. 51/60/Roz Sumpter/TM1000/Nikko 10-50/AA 8.4
2. 49/60/Cliff Smith/TM1000/B & L 8-32/AA 8.4
3. 43/60/Jeff Hale/ HM1000/Aeon 10-40/AA 10.3
4. 36/60/Ray Barnett/Marauder/Aeon/AA 10.3
5. 35/60/Pat O’Brien/TM1000/Nikko 10-50/JSB 10.3

WFTF class-

1. 49/60/Robert Ray/Styer LG110/Sightron 10-60/JSB 7.9

Hunter class-

1. 46/60/Larry Cleveland/HM1000/Hawke 16X/AA 10.3
2. 18/60/Brent Browning/R-1/Leaper’s 6-24/Stoeger 8.64

I enjoyed shooting with Brent Browning today. He is working out the bugs in a really nice R-1.
After the match, several of the shooters had a little fun shooting an air shotgun that Ray Barnett brought over. No kick, but it sounded like a cannon going off. I wonder if I could improve on my scores with that? Not sure that it would fit in the power range, but if so?

Hope to see you at the next match at Invicta in Minor Hill on the 4th Saturday.