GOB Aug 26th Match Report

GOB Aug 26th Match Report

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August 29th, 2017, 1:08 am #1

This was a fill-in/replacement match for the Invicta club. The weather was near perfect for this time of year with no wind to speak of.
It was good to have Danny Ayers rejoin us during his recuperation period, even though he was only able to shoot half the course.
Still no Pat O’Brien. He is recovering from an eye ailment. Congratulations to Brent and Jeff for continuing to improve their scores.
We’ll do it again in 2 weeks.

Division Name Score Rifle Scope Pellet
WFTF Harold Rushton 54x60 Steyr Leupold Comp 35 JSB 7.9
Danny Ayers 26 x 30 Steyr Sightron 10-50 H&N 8.5

OPEN Roz Sumpter 53x60 TM1000 Sightron 10-50 AA 8.4
Jeff Hales 46x60 HM1000 Aeon 10-40 AA 10.3
Cliff Smith 39x60 TM1000 Bushnell 8-32 AA 8.4
Jim Baumann 31x60 Marauder Bushnell 8-32 AA 10.3

HUNTER Brent Browning 27x60 R-1 Leapers 12x H&N 8.5