Field Target in NY on 8/5/2012 at EFTCC + Camera OP.....

Field Target in NY on 8/5/2012 at EFTCC + Camera OP.....

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Field Target in NY on 8/5/2012 at EFTCC

Read to bottom for Camera Opportunity. So come on out and get on camera.

Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in Open/PCP, WFTF (World Field Target Federation), Spring Gun, Hunter, Standing, Junior (15 y/o and under), and Pistol Classes/Divisions.

If you are planing on attending and need to borrow a gun please contact us so we can make sure we have one available for you.

Sight in lanes will open at 8:30AM, and the match will start at 10AM. Entry fee will be $10 for Adults and $5 for Shooters that are 16 y/o and under and $5 for the Second Class shot. Yes that is right you can shoot 2 classes during the match but you must use 2 different guns and you must shoot the harder class first. Order of classes to be shot is Hunter, Pistol, Standing, Piston, Open/PCP/WFTF with no exceptions. Juniors can not shoot 2 classes.

Scoring for the Pistol Class will be as follows: 2 points for a knocked down target, 1 point for a hit on metal, and 0 points for a complete miss. All other classes score 1 point for a knocked down target and 0 points for everything else. We will be following the AAFTA rules.

Match particulars and directions:

Previous match results:

Previous match photos:

The following are the remaining match dates scheduled at DCPA.

August 5th, 2012 - Sunday (planned 50 shots.... Possibly 76 shot Monster Match).
November 11th, 2012 - Sunday ~ New York State Championship (planned 50 shots)

I got contacted by Paul Capello. Here is a portion of the email he sent:


How are you, it's been a while since we communicated. I'd like to come to the match and cover it for an Airgun Reporter episode, with your permission. It would be part of the Air Gun Reporter Sportsman Edition series I'm working on. It would be myself as cameraman, and my wife Jean. As always, I'd be discreet as possible, and would love to get some sound bites from you to help promote the event.


Host & Creator
American Airgunner Television
Airgun Reporter

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