Diablo Rod and Gun Club Airgun Silhouette Match Report

Diablo Rod and Gun Club Airgun Silhouette Match Report

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Airgun Silhouette Match Report, August 5, 20112
Diablo Rod and Gun Club, Concord California
Mike Aber, Match Director:

We had a great day shooting silhouettes at the MPR range in Concord, CA. Many of us went to the West Coast Championship Field Target Match in Grants Pass OR last month on our silhouette match weekend so I decided to cancel our July match. Weather was excellent for our match Sunday afternoon with mild temperatures in the mid 70s to lower 80s.

We had 3 new shooters, James Frasier, Paul Alexander, and Jim Poh; we enjoyed shooting with you today. Jim Frasier was a little concerned about shooting for score today and won his first attempt at NRA Sporter Class Air Rifle Silhouette shooting his .22 Cometa Fusion 400 rifle with a Hawke 4-12x44 scope with a fine AAA score of 25/40 one of our best sporter scores ever. Paul Alexander won our IHMSA Unlimited Standing Iron Sight category with an outstanding 32/40 score with his IZH46M his first time with us, and Jim Poh got a good start at shooting standing with his HW97 for his first time.

Paul Alexander won the IHMSA Unlimited Iron Sight Standing Match. Its nice to have another IHMSA shooter to compete with. Paul beat me at my own game

Don Buenting won the NRA Outdoor Air Pistol Standing Match.

The NRA Air Pistol Open Sight Standing match was won by George Meamber and George won the NRA Open Class Air Rifle Match too; nice to see you again George.

The NRA Outdoor Sporter Class Air Rifle Match was won by James Frazier with an outstanding 25/40 AAA score in his first match with us and Paul Alexander finished second with a nice 21/40 with his Air Arms TX200.

Pat Radler won our DR&G Short Range Air Rifle Silhouette Match shooting his R7.

Jim Whittlesey won our DR&G Open Class Varmint Air Rifle Match with his fifth perfect score in a row shooting his .177 USFT #158 with a Nikko Sterling scope off the bench. Chris Merritt finished second and Jim Cyran third all with USFTs.

Jim Whittlesey also shot a 40 round standing match with his USFT supported with a shooting jacket to practice for our upcoming AAFTA Field Target National Championship Match in Grants Pass, OR September 29, 30, and October 1st.

We ended the match with a plinkathon while I cooked ½ pound Boomer burgers with all the fixings.

Many thanks to all of you that setup/teardown and cleanup the range for us at our match without your help it wouldnt be possible to have these matches.

REMINDER: Our September 2nd match is cancelled. Our next match is October 7th at 1300.

Sorry... No pictures of the match this month, I forgot my camera at home.

Airgun Silhouette Match Results August 5, 2012

IHMSA Unlimited Standing:
Mike Aber 6,7,4,7 24/40 AAA (AA score)

IHMSA Unlimited Standing Iron Sight:
Paul Alexander 8,7,8,9 32/40 INT MW (AAA score)
Mike Aber 5,8,5,7 25/40 AA (AA score)

NRA Outdoor Air Pistol Standing:
Don Buenting 7,7,8,7 29/40 AAA MW (AA score)

NRA Outdoor Air Pistol Open Sight Standing:
George Meamber 4,6,6,6 22/40 AA MW ( AA score)

NRA Outdoor Open Air Rifle:
George Meamber 1,6,6,7 20/40 AA MW (A score)
Jim Cyran 6,6,3,4 19/40 A (A score)

NRA Outdoor Sporter Rifle:
James Frazier 6,3,7,9 25/40 AAA MW (AAA score, first match)
Paul Alexander 5,5,4,7 21/40 AA (AA score, first match)
Eric Ko 5,3,3,4 15/40 AA (AA Score)
Eric Ko 8,2,5,7 22/40 AA (refire, AA score)
Jim Poh 2,3,2,2 9/40 B (B score, first match)
Jim Poh 5,5,5,3 18/40 B (refire, A score)

DR&G Short-Range Air Rifle:
Pat Radler 6,10,5,5 26/40 AAA MW (AAA score)

DR&G Open Class Varmint Air Rifle:
Jim Whittlesey 10,10,10,10 40/40 MAS MW (Master score, 5 perfect scores in a row)
Chris Merritt 10,10,9,10 39/40 MAS (Master score)
Jim Cyran 10,10,7,9 36/40 MAS (Master score)
Chris Merritt 9,9,7,10 35/40 MAS (refire, AAA score)
Pat Radler 8,10,7,9 34/40 AAA (AA score)

DR&G Sporter Class Varmint Air Rifle:

11 shooters, 20 entries
Mike Aber, Match Director

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