Dallas Field Target Club Match, Oct.14, 9:30am at Elm Fork...

Dallas Field Target Club Match, Oct.14, 9:30am at Elm Fork...

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October 3rd, 2017, 6:04 pm #1

Our next Dallas FT Club Field Target Rifle match will be at 9:30am, Saturday, October 14 at Elm Fork, east of the DFW airport. Note this is a half hour later than our last match, as sunrise will occur later as we enter the fall months, and I know some of you older guys don't want to drive in the dark (that's a joke, guys).

The range will open for sight-in at 8:10 or so. Please try to arrive by 8:30 to sign-in, and practice. The required Safety meeting will begin promptly at 9:15am. (Per agreement with Elm Fork, you will not be able to shoot if you miss this safety meeting). Shuttle carts will run as in the past, but if you arrive at the parking lot and the cart is not there, call Kevin's cell number 214-493-9225.

This will be a 52-60 shot rifle match. This will be the last practice match available for those of you going to the National match weekend in Phoenix, Nov.2-5.

PLEASE, let me know (reply here) if you intend to participate. Your RSVP allows me to determine how many score cards to print, complete some preliminary squading, and determine if anyone wants to sample equipment, so we can recruit someone to share with you.

New shooters are also welcome to shoot "Freestyle" for their first match as well... bring any rifle (under the 20fpe power limit to protect the targets), any scope, any aids, with "Fun Rifle" scoring.

We will have bottled water available along with sulfur powder for chigger control. You can also bring your own repellent, especially good for skeeters if the wind lays down.

As usual, the match fee is $20 per person ($15 for Club members). As always, $10 of this is paid to Elm Fork and does not benefit DFTC. Funds paid to DFTC are used to buy new targets and maintain them and the range equipment. Bring a friend to shoot with you, and they pay only the EF fee ($10) for their first match. Please bring cash.

So, mark your calendar and plan to join us October 14th!

Please see our club website for any additional information, club location for driving directions, etc. www.DallasFTclub.org


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Not going to make his one. 😩 N/T