Broome County Shoot is ON!

Broome County Shoot is ON!

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June 13th, 2012, 8:41 pm #1

Special, additional, "Do it yourself" Match will take place on the June 23rd. LAST match to practice before the NERFTC at Crosman!

Shooters will convene at 08:00 at Broome County Sportsman Association:

Shooters will be given the targets to set them up as best they please, within certain guidelines, of course. We will shoot from under cover, so only the breeze and a little wayward droplets to contend with in the case of rain.

Then we will have the sight in, then we will shoot ONE shot per target for three targets per lane, then repeat the targets in the lane. 6 rangeings and 6 shots per lane, 6 minutes.

After the rifle Match, 2 targets from each lane will be used for Pistol FT. Rifle Shooters can shoot the pistol course Offhand, for entertainment / training purposes ONLY.

Binghamton is a wonderful small town with a HUGE Gander Mountain shop.

So, come out and PLAY!

I should have allowed Greg S. to post this, but I am so excited!


Un Abrazo!


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June 13th, 2012, 9:02 pm #2

for the most part. Unfortunately we lost our Gander Mountain to last September's flooding in our area. Since that would have been the 2nd time that they would of had to rebuild in a 5 year period, they chose to close that store. Definitely a loss for us locals.

Other than that he is 100% correct!! The last chance in the area to practice for the NERFTC!!

Hector, thanks for posting!