BC test for AA 10.3gr and CPHP @ ~18 fpe

BC test for AA 10.3gr and CPHP @ ~18 fpe

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April 21st, 2017, 1:08 am #1

Did some more shooting in the basement while I had some time the other day now that my curiosity in airgunning lies in ballistics testing and got some pretty surprising results. The two pellets I didn't have time to test were HN FTT and Baracuda. I used my Prowler because for whatever reason it shoots hot and I wanted to know how the pellets performed at high velocity.

Ran 5 shots of both pellets at the muzzle and 5 at 21 feet and plugged in the average for both into the JBM Ballistics calculator. Hopefully I can test them a little further out to see if the velocity matches up to the table in Strelok, so far with the BC from JBM the table matches up to my shooting distance.

HN FTT and RedFire/Polymags are lasers out of this rifle despite the velocity, CPHP aren't bad but a few fliers out of 10 or so shots will open a 30 yard group from a clover to a small cluster